Step 1  - Select Length and Size of Shelving Runs

White Wall Lozier Gondola Unit Single Sided 96" Height

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These premium White Gondola Single-Sided Wall Units flexibly adapt to the needs of your store and your clients! Manufactured by the tried and true Lozier, this wall unit is designed to be placed along the walls in your brick and mortar location, allowing you to feature products neatly around the room. A customizable product, be sure to choose a run length (between 4' and 44' at four foot intervals), back panel style (solid, slatwall, or pegboard), and base depth (13", 16", or 22") while purchasing. We also feature Gondola Single-Sided Wall Units in Grey, Beige, and Black, in a host of heights! This selection includes 1 Uprite, 1 Base Bracket, 1 Base Deck, 1 Closed Base Front, 1 Top Rail, 1 Center Rail, 1 Splicer Rail, 1 Bottom Rail, and Back Material. Lozier's Gondola Single-Side Wall Unit DOES NOT include shelves, but they are available from Display Connection here! 

About Lozier: In business for more than 60 years, Lozier has been servicing retailers across the globe by providing top-of-the-line, premium shelving systems. For a truly professional look, Lozier Gondolas are the only name in the game!

Versa-System from Lozier on Vimeo.

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Step 2  - Select Quantity And Size Of Shelves

White Lozier Gondola Shelves 4' Width

White Lozier Gondola Shelves 4' Width

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