Island-96"-run 6 Section

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Flex Rx features an open back system for better visibility. Shelves install in two positions – flat or 17° downslant – and have a full lip for repositioning shelves with merchandise. Uprite has 1″ slot spacing for flexible reconfigurations.1” slot spacing. Shelves install in two positions: flat and 17° Downslant.
Shelf features an upturned lip on all sides for easy repositioning of Shelves with merchandise. Has Open Back System for better visibility.

Flex Rx Uprite
Wall Mount Clip

Finish: Standard finish

Color: White

Size: Shelf depth: 7 1/4”, Height: 84”. Overall length without End Frame equals sum of Section widths plus 1” to account for Uprite width, Add 8 1/2” for each End Frame with Shelves. Add 3/4” for each Wood End Panel. Overall depth:Island Section: 15” 

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