Classic Wooden Floor Display Case with 3/8" Thick Glass Shelves

    Item #: GL600-40-VBL

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Fully Assembled - No Assembly Required!

The GL600 is the perfect classic wooden floor display case. Its vintage look is remarkable. With three fully adjustable 3/8 thick glass shelves the GL600 provides a strong support for the objects being displayed. It is the ultimate classic wooden floor display case to exhibit awards and any precious objects of interest.

Standard Features

Delivered fully assembled

Choice of black, silver or gold frame

Six LED top lights

Tempered glass

Three fully adjustable 3/8" thick glass shelves

Locking sliding doors with center panel

Electrical cord with switch



LED sidelights

Additional top lights

Additional shelves

Glass back

Mirror back

Mirror deck


Locking wheels


Depth: 17.5"

Total height: 82"

Glass height: 54"

Top cabinet: 12"

Bottom cabinet: 16"

Product weight: 286 lbs

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