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Have you been thinking about adding a Gondola Shelving System to your store? Do you already have a system and need some replacement parts or to add a few more units? Look no further! Display Connection has created an easy-to-use custom Gondola Shelving System machine that allows you to input your retail display needs and figure out exactly what pieces to purchase. Step 1 First, you're going to choose your color preference by clicking here.  We offer white shelves, beige shelves, grey shelves, and black shelves. After you've selected your Lozier brand color preference, you'll move on to step 2. Step 2...

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As a store owner, you wake up everyday with too many thoughts in your head. Will your workers show up on time? Did any new shipments come in? Were they properly handled? How can you make your store more appealing? These are just naming a few! As the day progresses, more and more concerns will begin to creep onto your to-do list. The last thing you want to worry about is your store’s shelving. But you should worry about it.Customers want a store that appeals to them. They want to know that your store sells what they need, and they...

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