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Choosing the right display products for your store can be an overwhelming process. Never fear! Display Connection is here to break down the different showcase type and style on offer through www.displayconn.com. Countertop Displays Our line of premium Countertop Displays are designed to entice customers on their way to the register. This promotes impulse buys while they are waiting in line. Countertop Displays can also be set atop lower shelving units, like shoe shelving. We have a style for every type of brick-and-mortar store, from luxurious Chocolate Cherry Spinner displays to highly functional mini-grid units. This product section also includes...

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Is there a strategy behind your store’s product placement? You may have everything your customers need, but if they don’t find the store visually appealing, they may pursue another option. Retail displays are not something that should be overlooked. Thinking about how your customers view your store can help you develop a creative and eye-catching display. This will make your store memorable, and in turn, increase sales and repeat shoppers. How can you make your display more appealing? Step 1: Tell a Story Far too often, retailers will only interact with their customers on a surface level. They will promote...

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In the world of retail, being able to confidently claim that your visual merchandising strategies are unique to your competitors is an accomplishment. By employing various forms of store fixtures, a savvy retailer will be able to create an eye-catching display that sticks vibrantly in the mind of the customer. Many store owners use a wide range of techniques to display their products in hopes of attracting potential buyers. Creative shelving layouts, strategic product placement and lighting key areas are all ways that draw customers to look at certain merchandise. When it comes to selling clothing and accessories, however, there...

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